Professional Termite Pest Control Services in HI

Hilo Termite & Pest Control Ltd is your experienced team of termite pest control professionals. With more than 28 experts on staff, we can install electronic pest control devices, traps, and seals, to keep pests away. We can take care of all residential and commercial pest and termite pest control to ensure the protection of your property and family. Based in Hilo, HI, we come to you to provide expert service, great results, and excellent rates.


Hilo Termite & Pest Control Ltd's residential pest control services include the removal of all common household pests. If you have or suspect a pest control procedures proven safe around you, your pets, family and foods. We can safely ensure your home is free from spiders, fleas, cockroaches, rodents, termites and many other pests.
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Termite Pest Control

For complete termite control, contact our Hilo-based team. Termites can completely devastate the buildings they infest making the buildings unsafe, so inspection and eradication is vital. Call Hilo Termite & Pest Control Ltd before you buy a new property or if you suspect you have a termite problem.

Don't wait: termite control is time dependent. Call us now to make an appointment, obtain a free quote, or to find out more information about our services and pricing. If you have a pest problem we have the solution! 
Termite Pest Control in Hilo, HI


When it comes to protecting your business you can never be too careful. Our team can successfully prevent pests from taking up residence in your commercial spaces. Our services are particularly useful for the food production, hospitality, warehousing, and health care industries. No matter what kind of business you run, we can handle your pest problem for good!
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The right choice

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Accredited By The BBB
  • Member Of The State Pest Control Association
  • Member of the National Pest Control Association
  • Free Estimates
  • Authorized Sentricon Firm

Treatment, inspection and prevention

  • Preventative Ground Treatment for new home construction and additions
  • Sentricon System for subterranean termite control
  • Tent Fumigation for Drywood termite infestation
  • Termite Inspection Report needed for real estate transactions
  • Termite Inspections for recommend treatment
  • Pest Control for general pest infestations

Demon Max Insecticides

Pyrethroid insecticides are considered as non-persistent in the environment. They degrade fairly rapidly and are strongly bound to soil and organic particles, preventing mobility in aquatic systems. There is little tendency for bioaccumulation in organisms. Many pyrethroids are registered for application to edible crops and food products, and for direct application to people and pets to control parasites. DEMON TC is registered for the control of insect and arthropod pests in and around structures and transport vehicles, and this limited use is not considered to pose environmental risks under normal conditions.

 DEMON TC Toxicology

In insects, the active ingredient of DEMON TC, cypermethrin, acts on the nerve transmission and causes muscle spasms, paralysis and death. Synthetic pyrethroids like cypermethrin have been found to be toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates and beneficial insects such as honey bees. However, in actual use, the risk to these other animals is considered small because of the low rates and lack of persistence in the environment. Product label directions caution against applications that could endanger aquatic organisms or beneficial insects. There can be a risk to captive reptile pets and tropical fish in aquaria, and care must be used when making applications around such captive animals.

Sentricon a revolutionary way to protect your home

Termites have caused damabes to Hawaii homes for years. Now the Sentricon System lets you go after their home- the colony. Sentricon Colony Elimination System is a green way to deal with termites. And the damages they wreck on homeowners

The Sentricon System is the best approach for protecting structures from subterranean termites because it eliminates the colony, while not disruptive to property owners. The Sentricon System has proven to be a long-term protection against termites.


The Sentricon System takes advantage of natural termite behavior. Worker termites are constantly foraging for wood to feed the colony. When they find food, like the monitoring devise in a Sentricon station, they leave a special scent trail to summon others to the food source.

Once your authorized pest control professional discovers termites feeding in the station, the monitoring device is placed with a baitube device containing Recruit II termite bait. In doing so, the technical initiates the exclusive Self-Recruitment procedure that takes advantage of the natural behavior of termites to spread the bait throughout the colony. The bait contains a substance that stops the molting process so termites can?t grow. In time, the termites in the colony will be affected by the bait and die.
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